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It's the lounge for posting lyrics!!!

Post whatever you want, however you want

but be ready to be critqued if ya do!

Please avoid uncreative heavy slander or you'll be

banned. IF you make a great song or rap as a

rebuttal, more power to ya!!

Lyrical "battles" are encouraged in the thread, just keep it good
and intelligent. ( don't just say something stupid
like you're a fat bitch as a response, I'll totally ban you for idiocy) Basically write a line
about some or something and let the other members try to spit somthing better than you, your job of
course is to keep outdoing each other ;)

This is a songwriting community as well, so any songs are

welcome, there are no rules on verbage and

language either. But songwriters, please allow comments and be ready to respond, I don't want to just read your song, I want others to be able to critique as well, which in the end makes everyone a better writer. right?

Poetic lyrics are fine too in poetry form.

Just have fun!!! and meet cool people!!!

The Only Rules To Join is that you must Place a community link in your journal to promote us when u join and in any relevant communities u belong to (spread da word!!) also fill out your location on the guest map or you will be removed from the community. Please include your name/nickname, LJ name and age and any interesting comments about yourself!!!

If something is found extremely offensive please email the mod manhattanmuse

"Keep it simple stupid."
-Judge Judy


(please use the zoom function on the map to pinpoint your city!!)