Neutralika (neutralika) wrote in lyricistlounge,

A Love For Things Not Said.

Started this.....I can't even remember when. But it's been finished for a while now, 'cept I debated adding a center part which I'm putting into a separate song.

Slow, focusing on lyrics. Includes vibraphone, electronic, and timpani accompaniment.

I went underseas
and wrapped my frail limbs all around our work
and took it down with me
just as I'd rehearsed.
I could have sworn I couldn't swim
but oh, the things you learn.

And some days I could say how much the world weighs
And always I could say how much it's worth.

"Don't try hidin' 'Cause it isn't any use"*
So many hearts divided there never seems a chance to choose.
I'll never see who I could have been through/for/to** you
Just how it'll be
(we'll see)

And some days you could say how much the world weighs
And always you could say how much it hurts.
And each day we can feel it won't be that way
And that way we can feel will never change-
We can feel will never change.

*Words in quotes are not my own.
**All of these words overlap in 3 part harmony. A thrilling change of pace, foreshadows intense tenor/bass harmonies in the last chorus.
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