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This is a song I wrote when I fell asleep in class, I heard the first two lines in a dream and woke up, then while in a sleepy stupor wrote the rest of the song, and have since made some small edits as well as adding the third and final verses (these combine with the first to make a kind of a chorus). I heard the first two lines in my dream but they (as well as the rest of the song) do pertain to major issues in my life at the moment. The tune somewhat resembles an Irish folk diddy. I've got it all in my head but am still figuring out the right guitar chords. This song would be only vocals and acoustic guitar.

Hurricane boy
Was swept out to sea
Where he waits for the girl
That he sees in his dreams
With a crash and a wave
She was there in his arms
They held tight to each other
And that's still where they are

Now they swim and they laugh
And they talk with each other
They listen and tell stories
Of past sisters and brothers
And they cry everyday
For the loves that they've lost
But they're happy together
Though they know the cost

Hurricane Boy
Was swept out to sea
Where he waited for the girl
He'd seen in his dreams
Now they are both there
And they are both in love
They have only each other
And for them, that's enough

But the day has now come
And the two, they must part
They have both learned a lesson
They'll keep close to heart
For our Hurricane Boy
And his Airplane Crash Girl
Know that all things must come
To an end in this world

Hurricane Boy
Was swept out to sea
Where he waits for the girl
That he sees in his dreams
And he's waiting there still
Hoping she will return
Looks like Hurricane Boy
Never really quite learned

And suggestions for revisions, omissions, and/or additions are gladly welcome, as well as all criticism, good and bad. I was considering removing the third and final verses, or perhaps just one or the other. The song can end happily or sadly. Please give me your opinions on this one, it's the first full song I've ever written. Thank you.
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